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sound i saw : a travel photography and audio exhibition
When : Saturday 02 April 2016, 1PM
Where : sora city, Sukhumvit 26
Details : photos which are described by sound

Bordin Nantawas

Title: Puffin Colony
Location: Borgarfjarðarhreppur, Iceland

I remember that late morning of one awesome day. After we finished our breakfast, we headed to puffin colony, which was located at the viewpoint of the town. Most of the area is the seaside rocks and cliffs, which made it very suitable for seabird nesting. There are hundreds of puffin that built their nests in this area. The vocal sounds and funny postures that they made urged us to take a picture of these little cute creatures. Every time I see the picture of these puffins I am always happy and feel like I am back there visiting them again.

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Potchapon Wattanagul

Title: Bubble Family
Location: George Town, Penang, Malaysia

This little park by the sea in George Town is much more than just a tourist attraction. It projects the real life of the locals. In the evening, when the sun is low and the breeze blows, parents take their kids out to play, while elderly couples sit there and calmly enjoy themselves. Along the seaside, a young boy and girl exchange a loving conversation while another man watches over his fishing rod. These moments are not ones that only occur on special occasions, but they are ordinary and everyday life events that are extraordinary. 

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Apinine Thassanopas

Title: Negritos "Sakai"
Location: Banthat Range, Phatthalung, Thailand

Underneath the shades of the jungle in the Banthat Range lay the native Negritos “Sakai” tribe, who call themselves “Manik”. They live together in a small community, in the house that they have built together from nature, just the right size for each family. It is their bedroom, living room, dinning room, and play area, all rolled up into one. There is a fire spreading warmth throughout the house, which also repels the insects and becomes their stove. They eat fruit, taro, potato, and occasionally hunt animals. They live a simple life; when they get tired they sleep, if they get hungry they eat, they hunt when food is scarce, and know when to be full. They do not own the jungle, but are only one part of it, coexisting, peacefully and adequately.

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Nantiya Naksamukkee

Title: Prada Marfa
Location: Prada Marfa, Texas, USA

Permanently installed sculpture work by artist Elmgreen & Dragset. It is located in a surreal desert location in an artsy town of Marfa. 
The installation was inaugurated on October, 2005. The sculpture was financed by the Art Production Fund and Ballroom Marfa, a center of contemporary art and culture.

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Natcha Khupantavee

Title: Be | t | ween
Location: Ulm School of Design, Ulm, Germany

We cannot separate between the concrete and grass.
It blends...
Feels like I lay on the yard but still stood under shade of the roof.

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Sunhaporn Sribanditmongkol 

Title: The Rhythm of New Orleans
Location: In front of St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

A trip to New Orleans would never be completed without experiencing jazz music. Actually, it would be very difficult for you to avoid jazz music during your stay here since it is the rhythm of the whole city. Jazz is definitely a serious institution here.

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Jaruwan Pansangpetch

Title: Bintang
Location: Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia

On the way to hill of Mount Bromo, I'm riding this guy called Bintang (He is named after Indonesia famous beer). I was trying to call his name, he acted like he didn't hear my voice but I know he definitely did. He just didn't want to ruin the mood.

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Norachai Rungsivichitprapa

Title: Himalayas Bell
Location: Himalayas, Napal

Step inside the Himalayas and be prepared for the sound you never heard. The ice crack echoing around you, the wind blowing so loud until the only thing you hear is yourself. Your mind, your body, is at your feet, step by step and you will find the humble Yak, your only living companion, even at your lunch.

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Surakiat Suratananun

Title: Hiking in the rain ~
Location: Seoraksan National Park, South Korea

It is the first time that my friend and I hiked in the rainstorm. All because of our passion to hike and we ignored the climate forecast. So we met the terrible force of the rainstorm as you can see the sound in this picture...

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Ned Amornpiyalerk

Title: The Blue Mosque
Location: Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

There is only a low barrier designating two territories. The barrier completely separates us from her. We, the tourists, watch her sitting alone in that praying area. She was so still for a while then she went down and gracefully has her forehead placed on the floor.

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