Mon 20 May

sora gallery

in the mid of busy city, Bangkok

it becomes easy to overlook things 

time run fast and never look back

people seem to lost themselves

we are missing something little by little

we miss the green; the tree

we miss the wood; the nature

we miss an empty white space

we miss the creative mind

what if we can hidden ourselves through times

to rest and reset our mind


we believe that “art” always bring out the creativity

sora gallery is the space for sharing the works from various artists

white & wood will bring you calm and comfort

combining with the smell of the minimalist Japan and scandinavian nature

we hope our little space will relax your mind

Pagorn Jungrungruang, Curator

the heart of our creative mind. Ohm Pagorn has a unique perspective of the simple things. the way he manages this little space is not just about the good works, but and easy perception for everyone.