Sun 21 Apr

Name: Riccardo Torresi

Origin: Fermo, Italy

Lives and works in Berlin

Can you please briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Riccardo Torresi. I’m originally from Fermo, Italy. I have been living here in Berlin for 3 years now. I work as a designer for this studio for exhibition design and I occasionally do some moving images as my personal projects.

How do you find Berlin?

It is very international. I don't really feel like I live in Germany. Well, yes people do speak German here. Maybe that is the only thing which reminds me that Berlin is Germany. Berlin is such a melting pod. People come here from everywhere and of course some stay and some don’t. Oh but one thing I find really interesting is, if I go somewhere in particular, I could still feel the East-ness of Berlin. I mean East Germany, DDR, and whatnot. It could even be some corner in the city centre or far out. And I also find Berlin really active even in winter. On the other hand, I usually feel really laid-back in summer here. Summer in Berlin is lovely.

What is your first impression with ' l e v i n ' ?

I simply think it is beautiful. It is a beautiful bike. Such an eye-catching with the sporty look. When I looked closer, I admired how the whole bike was crafted. The frame, the bars, and the seat go well together. I mean visually. Oh and it is very compact. It looks like when I go places I can just carry it with me everywhere.

And how was your first experience riding ' l e v i n ' then?

Oh it was great. It was really swift. I was with my old bike for almost a year and that bike was crappy. So this is a huge transition. In a really good way, let me emphasise that. ' l e v i n ' is perfect for Berlin since the whole city is not hilly at all. Well, there are some areas that you might have to use your legs to pedal a little extra but it is still more than fine.

Can you compare ' l e v i n ' to your previous bikes or any other fancy bikes you want to have?

I am not a bike expert at all. That is a given. My old bikes were crappy second-hand ones I got from a flea market. So I actually think this bike is amazing. It is light and compact. I can ride it anywhere and I can take it on public transportation with me. It's very compact.